Thursday, November 17, 2011

Digital Notetaking and First CAFE Day

Here's a picture of my new Conferring Form. First off, these little fish make me happy! Selecting the strength and goal in check off form was very easy today. By putting all the strategies in a drop down menu it made it very easy to remember and find goals. I also put the CAFE letter in parenthesis by the goal to help me use the strategies.

Utilizing a touchpoint is an eye opener. I was able to give my students a 1-4 today based on how they did on the strategy that I think will benefit from them. The touchpoint is helping me understand when I need to see this particular student next. If I gave them a 1, I better rush to meet with them tomorrow to help them practice this strategy more!

I met with 8 students today. My goal was nine, but I ran into an issue where one round only one student did read to self. How did this happen? Well, I really harped into them that they'd have to do read to self and work on writing today and many of them choose these the first two rounds, which meant close to none needed to read the third round!

There was only one conference where I had no idea of a strategy to recommend! I told this child I'd meet with them again soon to figure something out and she was totally okay with that, phew!

Strategies used:
Look carefully at the letters and words (A)--4 students
Abdundant easy easy (A)--2 students
Reread text (F)--1 student


  1. Hi Karyn,

    So, did you create your own GoogleDoc form for your own digital note taking? Or is it an app? I don't have a "fancy phone" or iP@d, so was kind of anti-digital note taking. However, a form I could easily create and do!

    Thanks for the idea!
    Michelle @litlearningzone

  2. Hi Karyn,

    You are soooooooooooo not going to leave us hanging now are you? LOL

    I'm sure some would like to know how this all comes together. Are these then individuals pages, does it go into a spreadsheet, can you do it via iDevice, etc.?

    Glad to see you starting this -- I've been dreading the physical notetaking as I scribble and then have to spend time deciphering my notes, etc. This looks like a 'one stop shop' and definitely doable.


  3. Nancy-

    See my latest post!!


  4. Here are the question types:

    Student--Choose From a List
    Strategy--Choose From a List
    Observation--Paragraph Text
    Next Steps--Paragraph Text

    Hope this helps :)

  5. You really made my year! Thank You Sooooo Much!!!

  6. Hello. I am extremely interested in your ipad notetaking method. Did you purchase and app or create it through a website? Would love to hear back:)

  7. I have the same question as Molly above. Would love to add this to my list of resources.

  8. Hi Ladies!

    It was created through Google Docs, it's a form. Let me know if you need any help!


  9. Karyn,

    I would love to make a copy of your Google Form so that I could adapt it for my class. Would you be willing to share?


  10. Is this MY Karyn???? I found this on Pinterest and literally started drooling! My new Co-Teacher and I are not doing the daily 5 but are conferring with many kids daily, and this would be such an amazing tool! Please let me know how you created this!

    Heart you!

    1. Karyn
      a couple of questions...
      What did you put for strength and goals?

  11. It is YOUR Karyn :)

    Have you used google forms before? Up above I left a comment that showed which type of question I used for each. Play around with google forms... I know you'll become obsessed.

    You and your co-teacher can use the same form, which will then populate in the same spreadsheet on google docs. Then you can sort by student name or by goal to create strategy groups.

    The strength and goals are checkboxes and I used the CAFE headers for strengths/goal and then the individual strategies listed underneath.

    Let me know if you need more help!


  12. Hi Karyn,

    I came across this and I dying to know how it has worked for you! I start school tomorrow and would love to add this to my digital pensieve! Do you have it for sale anywhere???

    Thanks for being an inspiration as my new year starts!


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  14. I love this! For the strategy part of the goal do you do what they are showing during the conference or what you are teaching ?