Sunday, February 17, 2013

3rd Grade Changes

This year I switched schools and moved up to third grade! It's been a big change to be at a new school and to teach a different grade levels. There are many changes I've made to the Daily 5 to fit with my new grade level and school.

Time is a major factor in what I do this year. Three times a week I have about 55 minutes for my reading block, which allows me one or two mini-lessons and two rounds of Daily 5. The other two days I have about 110 minutes, which gives me time for three rotations and three mini-lessons.

  • Read to Self
    • Not too many changes here... the magic is still in giving time for kids to read and talking up books as much as possible!
  • Read to Someone
    • We have kindergarten reading buddies once a week, which is the perfect way to do Read to Someone
  • Work on Writing
    • One of the best things I've done this year with Work on Writing is let my students write notes to each other (they have to turn the notes into me and use correct punctuation and grammar)--what an authentic form of writing and they LOVE it!
  • Listen to Reading/Computer
    • I haven't used my Listening CDs or Leap Frogs much this year--partially because I can't seem to find the box in my storage unit with headphones :(
    • Computer remains a popular choice and this group is really into blogging! Each student is assigned two rotations a week where they go on the computer.
  • Word Work
    • As I mentioned above, time is a major factor. Because of this I haven't introduced my students to many materials for Word Work. Each week they use their Words Their Way words to make a sort.
    • I've also introduced them to Roll-a-Word and Rainbow Words
Last year I had my students orally tell me their choice for each round. Clearly I don't have time for that in a 55 minute reading block! Because of this I have my students write down their choices on their own each day:
A Student's Work Log
For each week I list work that has to be completed (handwriting pages, vocabulary pages, word sort, and reading response). On Fridays students turn in all their work from the week. I grade the word sort and the reading response.

A completed word sort

Last year I had students rate themselves on a 1-4 scale after rounds of Daily 5 (not everyday, but as often as needed). Third graders are a bit more grown up, so I adapted some Daily 5 rubrics (of course, I find these things, adapt them, and then can't find the original source!).

A student's self-assessment for Work on Writing

That's a quick glimpse of how my Daily 5 looks different this year. Next year, I hope to add back in the listening and word work choices and somehow find more time! :)

What changes did you make this year? Are there any changes you are thinking about for next year?

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  1. Hi, from a fellow Daily 5 lover. Does the rubric work well? I teach year 1 and 2 and I would love try it out with them.
    Cheer Claire