Monday, October 3, 2011

Keeping Track of Listen to Reading Spots

In my classroom we are very lucky that we have five LeapFrog Tag Readers and four spots at our book on CD spot (although only three headphones are working right now!).

One thing I was having trouble with was keeping track of how many spots we had left. My students also let out a dejected yelp every time I said there were no more listening spots left. I wanted to come up with a system that easily allowed me to keep track of how many spots were left, as well as help the students understand that I wasn't just being mean when we ran out of spots!

I created a small flip book and tied it with yarn to the front of my clipboard. The numbers go from 8-0 and every time someone picked Listen to Reading, I'd flip to the next lowest number. Quickly my students got used to following the numbers and I even have a few students who will help me flip the numbers.

8 spots left!
No more spots left!

Please share the "easy fixes" you have implemented in your classroom during the Daily 5!!

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