Thursday, September 22, 2011

Word Work

Word Work was the turning point for my class. Once they had the choice between Read to Self, Work on Writing and Word Work the whole class really started to work hard to keep going!

Each week my students have one of three lists (based on their Words Their Way level). On Mondays we glue their list into their Daily 5 journal (we use these for writing).

Student list in journal, with date.
The first day I introduced Word Work I wanted an option where every student could practice at the same time. I recently received a class set of whiteboards through Donors Choose, so I thought this would be a great option. I showed the students how they could write the words regularly, with dots, squiggly letters or bubble letters.

Student using whiteboard for Word Work!

Writing fun letters makes this a favorite choice!
We practiced with the whiteboards for two days and on the third day I started pulling small groups to teach them the other materials that would be available for Word Work Choices. I have bendaroos and reading rods available for students to also use.

Zainab making words with bendaroos!

In small groups we reviewed how to handle the materials, carry the boxes they are stored in, and how to put the materials away. Students then practiced the activity.

Word Work boxes

Students are doing a great job with Word Work and it is certainly their favorite choice so far!


  1. I really like reading your blog and seeing all of the things you do in your classroom. That is why I am giving you the Versitle Blogger Award.

    Third Grade's a Charm

  2. WOW! This is impressive!
    I'm trying to figure out how to share this with my sixth graders so that they can see what YOUNGER kids can do!


  3. Thanks for the positivity IamNan and Kim!

  4. I am so glad I found this post! This is where I am finding the most difficulty with the Daily 5, my kids just sit and waffle if they choose this, pretending to use their whiteboards to practice their words, but really they aren't.

    We use words their way, and was trying to marry the two and you have saved my life!!!!