Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where Do I Start?

So, I have decided to do the Daily 5 for next year. Over the past 3 years I have tried different formats of centers. Mostly, students have rotated in groups among centers at appointed times. This past semester I gave students 15 activities they needed to complete for the week and they were allowed to pick the order of activities they did and where they completed their work. And my students liked the choice. Maybe they wanted to read at their desk or on the carpet or over in the library. As long as they are doing their work I really can't care where they work!

I am hoping that the entire primary team at my school adopts the Daily 5.

To begin my work on the Daily 5 I have created a LiveBinder that collects many of the great ideas of Daily 5:

Right now my schedule has been to have centers from 10-11 and independent reading (Read to Self) from 11-11:25. I think that I will keep this schedule as I really enjoy the environment created by the whole classroom reading at once. This also allows me to pull Guided Reading Groups from 10-11 and conference from 11-11:25.

I also joined The Sisters' website: They have tons of downloads, videos and photos to support teachers who are doing the daily 5 in their classrooms. I know it will be worth the $70 to join for the year!!


  1. Hi Karyn!
    What a great idea to blog your journey! You'll be glad to have everything collected and blogged when you go to start up next year. I kept Read to Self as a choice during D5 time, but I also had a separate time for it. I loved having everyone reading all at the same time. It really put the emphasis on what's important to me... building that enjoyment for readiing and having time to practice what they've learned! But I love your idea of doing small group instruction while kids are doing their dailies, but conferencing with individuals during Read to Self time. That might help me manage conferencing better! :) Looking forward to helping you (and learning with you) during your journey!

  2. Thanks Laura!! I can't wait to learn from and with you! Thanks for checking out the blog :)

  3. Hi Karyn, I too am planning on implementing the Daily 5 next year. I teach 4th grade. I just finished the book, and am planning on subscribing to the site. I'm sure there is a lot of useful info. Good luck with everything!

  4. Thanks for visiting Jenn! Can't wait to learn with you as the year goes on. Hope you'll be back to the blog soon to share your thoughts and ideas!

  5. You will love using the Daily 5! It feels so good to have your kids engaged in authentic, valuable work so you can pull your small groups for differentiated instruction.

    I have a solid 45 min writing block each day, but I still include work on writing as part of the Daily 5. I call it "write about reading.". Each week or so I present a mini lesson on character sketches, setting descriptions, writing a letter to a character, etc. After a few weeks, the students have plenty of choices for write about reading.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Betsy2ndGrade!! I love having a fellow 2nd grade teacher letting me know what works :)

    I'm excited to here that the kids were still in to writing with a 45 minute writing block each day. I have 45 minutes for writing everyday too (although this year I am thinking about spending at least 1 day a week in a different way, as my kids were exhausted this year!).

    Your write about reading activities sound great. What awesome ways for the kids to respond to reading... I'd love to see them write a letter to a character!

    Thanks for your ideas and following with me in this journey!

  7. Several teachers at my school uses canvas bags for book storage. One teacher bought different kinds of fabric and made drawstring bags, another teacher bought canvas bags with drawstrings. They use these from year to year and hold up pretty well. It's amazing how some students can return something at the end of the year and it looks the same as when you gave it to them, while others are returned looking like they have been through a war;-)

  8. Thanks for stopping by Louise!

    How do they store the bags between student uses?

    Glad to know the destruction isn't just isolated to my room :)